Animated GIF Rollovers by Denise deGoumois (Part 1)

Most of these Adobe ImageReady GIFs were created as CG311 classwork at SUNY/FIT in NYC for the Fall 2000 semester. Some have been incorporated in Stuff at

Dr. Craig D. Knuckles Introduction to Interactive Programming on the Internet Using HTML and JavaScript (2001 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) is outdated in some respects (e.g., table-formatted page layouts and not CSS). But Doc Knuckles presented some interesting tidbits about Internet and WWW history and JavaScript. His concept (p.348) of using for loop to create parallel arrays of rollovers is used here in an outdated table-format. This did not work with a “function preload images.” Loading both arrays might delay the whole process somewhat. But having browser resize images (from 200x300 down 50% to 100x150) is a bad idea. Original images should be resized to final display size. Without a doubt, there is way too much “stuff” on this page.

A cat is absolutely essential. Friskies cat Just a pretty face? Ski downhill with Elissa.
PaPa Digital update Mr.Cat wags his tail. JaJa
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