ImageReady Animated GIFs
by Denise deGoumois

placeholder image

This version utilizes frames so pop-up "display_window" stays in "focus" with thumbnail table. By replacing "main_image" in pop-up window, images do NOT have to be separate URL/html pages (which is a big objection to frame-set and image-map layouts for this type of slide-show).

<iFrame> An in-line or floating frame</iFrame> is a possible solution, but, like so many Web possibilities, browser support is flaky.

Frames (<FRAMESET></FRAMESET> or <iFRAME></iFRAME>), while specified in HTML4, remain controversial.

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Ahem, excuse us! If you can see this message, your browser is not CSS2 complaint. This site employs Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript so it looks better in browsers that support Web standards.

MACs mess this up — NN4 especially, which does not support <DIV> tags </DIV>. NN4 MACS won't even let Display Window (which is specified as "scrollbars=auto, resizable=yes") resize! We tried using our CSS ".box" class, but that was worse. A variation of JavaScript Unleashed's (Chap. 20 and 23) scripts on layers/divs also didn't solve the NN4 problem. Using deprecated <CENTER> tags </CENTER> did not help. Using depreciated ALIGN attribute of IMG SRC <img src="../move/cats.gif" ALIGN="CENTER" name="main_image" width="200" height="300" border="0"> also did not work. We even tried HSPACE and VSPACE attributes of IMG SRC. The CLEAR attribute of HTML <BR> tag (= left, right or all) and/or CSS IMG class (:left, right, both or none) does not fix NN4 MAC problem. We tried not to resort to using a table format, but it was either that or: "To hell with MACs and NN4!"